Why purchase locally grown fruit?


Our fruit is fresh from the earth. Our fruit keeps their nutrients. Our fruits will fully ripen before they are picked. Years ago, after our ancestors Sergiy and his wife Tanya listened to the earth and cared for her wisely, Mother Earth blessed them with these beautiful, 250 acres of land, meant to be passed down from generation to generation, which have now grown into Sun Berry Orchard Farm. Their vision was to decorate the earth with beautiful orchards and healthy gardens; now, we pass on their values of generosity, selflessness, hard work to you! As a witness to Sergiy and Tanya’s love for the earth, we grow natural fruits and vegetables to bring our family, friends, and visitors the healthiest, freshest meals!

At Sun Berry Orchard Farm, we grow a large variety of fruits, including tasty apples, peaches and pears. Please note, our beautiful cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are growing right now and will be ready next year. Because we grow these fruits right at our orchard, they retain their vitamins and become more nutritious for your body! Unlike fruits from the supermarket, our fresh fruits is not processed and has no risk of contamination through transportation handling. Our farm provides a great opportunity for any of our visitors with sensitivities to food hormones, since none of our fruits have preservatives! The lack of preservatives in our food makes it taste better too!

While supermarket fruits is picked early so it is ripe by the time it reaches the shelf, we pick our fruits and veggies at Sun Berry Orchard Farm only when it is ripe, which gives it the best taste and more nutrients! When fresh food is flavorful, you want to eat more of it! We are happy to introduce you to a cleaner, healthier diet!

We are a very approachable family at Sun Berry Orchard Farm, and if you have any questions about how we grow and harvest our crop, you can ask us directly! We would love to share why our fruits and veggies tastes so good!

Whether you’re young or old, we know you’ll enjoy the experience of picking fresh apples right off the tree and purchase healthiest veggies at our farm or online store! Our yang fields of beautiful berries will be ready for picking next year! You will not only take home with you fresh baskets of fruits and vegetables, but also take home valuable memories!

In addition, you can purchase our fresh free range eggs, whole broiler chickens, Muskovy ducks and our very own natural raw unfiltered floral honey, which provides many antioxidants and health benefits for both adults and children! Every age will enjoy our petting zoo with sweet animals such as bunnies, goats, ponies, pigs, gorgeous peacocks, turkeys and more!

What are you waiting for? Come visit Sun Berry Orchard Farm today! Come talk to us and learn more about the history of our orchard!


Support Local Agriculture!

Make a difference in our community by purchasing farm-fresh produce.